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I'm a Shouball .__.

Ya know...today I realized JUST how much I'm like Shou .__. Other than the whole being short, wearing glasses and generally being shy and unconfident, I'm also clingy to people I look up to or know well, I try and better myself and be stronger but when something comes up that I don't like, I want to run and hide In trashcans?. I also can suffer from random bouts of over-confidence (*Or giddiness*) that generally make me say stupid things or things I regret saying later, well not sure if that last one is too Shou-centric, but I know he can have problems getting too over-confident in duels and doing/saying silly things because of it. Sometimes I do this due to nervousness too.
I'm also very doubtful, in most things, especially my abilities. I find I tend to suppress most abilities I have because I don't trust my own judgement half the time, I always feel like what I do and try to do is wrong and when I don't surpress my abilities, that's when I start saying or doing things I feel are odd.

And somehow I feel like I should apologize to everyone in case I have or ever will say something that seems, odd, silly, stupid or if I just get silly ideas in my head or read things wrong ect. ect. cos when I do that, I just feel like I'm being strange and scaring people, I have no idea why.

You can feel free to ignore this post if you want, I'm tired and just being a ball of shyness and doubt today...I'm a Shouball.

I need Shou icons.
Tags: apology, being strange, emo, shou, shyness, unconfidence
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