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Random Cosplay Ramble

WHOOO! Only today and Sunday left to work~~ I'm not working Monday! Not working Monday~~~! *Sings and dances~* Yeah I hate that Monday shift cos it's long and the last I have to work before having three days off...BUT someone at work wanted to swap shifts, so instead I'm working 8 hours on Saturday which is fine by me :D Hehehehe~

My mum and I SHOULD be going into town on Monday to look around for anything I can use for cosplays, I'm going to try and check the charity shops and such EVERY WEEK, though my mum doesn't have a positive attitude towards it "Oh, I don't think you'll be getting a coat like that"...blah D: I've given her pictures of Shou's red and yellow jackets, plus a whole body pan I have of Johan, Johan's my back up, yet I somehow think his outfit might be harder? I'm not sure to be honest, really it's just his jacket that looks hard, the rest is just getting the right kinda things; Frilly shirt, black jeans, white shoes...in fact I MIGHT have some white shoes I can use...just need to find out what paint would be good to use for painting the soles of the shoes black.
Okay so, maybe Shou's would be harder XD

Muuu, anyway, we'll see what happens ^^; I REALLY want to cosplay a GX character next year NO MATTER WHAT.

I think I'll keep a lookout for a nice white dress too, then I can decorate it with Togepi symbols and it can be my ball dress Even though I hate dresses D:

Hummm, random ramble there, yay!
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