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Amecon Rundown!

Squeeee~~ So I'm back and had a blast of a time :D Well, obviously I've been back a while, just been working on photos and such, still need to get the videos up. This year was so much fun, I got to talk to more people, make new friends, see old friends and I wanna see if I can try and cosplay Shou next year...I'll try anyway, I'll see what I can do XD;;

Anyway, this year I stayed in the Opal Court student accommodation. I really liked the place, the rooms were basic but had all I needed, though I couldn't figure out how to turn up the temperature in the shower, ah well, cold showers YAY! I was on the 4th floor (*Room C18A for those interested*) but spent most of my time on the 10th floor where Carly and her friends Emma, Callie and Zoe were. The kitchen up there got really warm though and we had problems with the curtain rail which eventually fell off and hit Zoe in the head .__. I got on with everyone really well I feel I was a lot more talkative this year, everywhere really. I didn't see much of the people who were staying in my own block and I never ventured into the kitchen there, I had to let some of them in a few times though cos they didn't have their keys for some reason XD;

Anyway on Thursday night we went out to this all you can eat Chinese type restaurant with this awesome buffet :D I even tried a little seaweed for the first time, it's tasted surprisingly good XD We took a walk around Leicester city centre after that too :D

Friday was a fun day, the queue for registering was long as expected, well...the queues were split into three and we had to queue up according to our badge name, the middle selection...had no queue at all, apparently a lot of us have names beginning with letters at the start or end of the alphabet. Carly signed up to be a gopher, I decided not to this time after being stuck in a video room for three hours last year :D;
I believe Friday was when we saw Techno Police (*That was freaking hilarious, mostly because it was so cheesy and bad, but what can I say, twas from the 80s*) and also part of Petite Cossette which was...very odd XD I liked the imagery used in it, but at the same time it kinda lost me completely. I'm sure there was something else we saw before Techno Police but I can't remember what it was XD;
The opening ceremony was fun too, they had this awesome animation this year that played out as the con went on XD Though...I think my eye sight has gotten worse recently...I found it hard to read the subs on the screen, though I was quite far back....hummmm :/
We were gonna go to the AMV disco, but it was so warm in the kitchen back at Opal court when we went back to have something to eat, we just didn't bother going back XD

On Saturday the first thing we did was watch anime stuffs :D .hack//Roots was the first on our list, we also watched Unico (*Very cute animal story but not the best I've seen*) and the first part of Tetsujin 28, that was kinda odd too XD Also ran into phoenixshards briefly while she was cosplaying James from Team Rocket :D I really wish I had the time this weekend to trade you some of my shiny Pokémon ^^; I did have some up for trade and I was hoping to find the time to give them away to people but there was so much to do we were running about so much XD;
At one point in the Dealer's room, Carly got drafted for Gopher things, so I wandered around the rest of the Dealer's room and met up with toonmahavailo who I'd seen the previous day as well. We went up to the games room after a while where I got to hang out with some of the Yu-Gi-Oh peoples~ This is where I managed to snag a photo of the Juudai cosplayers Winged Kuriboh plushie...I wanted to take that home so much, it was so cute XD; We got to talk GX-ish stuff with the DD Cosplayer too, twas awesome :D
After that I went up to the State of Industry panel where I was meeting Carly. That panel was awesome and quite funny too XD There were a few other panels we wanted to go to but they overlapped with other things XD
Anyway after that we went to go and watch the AMV competition, very awesome videos, some that were just so hilarious XD And then we watched Utawarerumuno, I only saw an episode and a half because I wanted to go to the Masquerade.
The Masquerade was awesome, once it got started that is, it ran like an hour late XD Plus I had to stand up for the entire thing, I had a girl screaming in my ear because her camera wasn't focusing right and ontop of that I hadn't slept much the past two nights so I had a headache, but other than that, very good XD; I was in a good place for photos and my newer camera is awesome for photos, unlike my old one that made half the pictures blurry last year @_@
Again we were gonna go back for like the J-Pop/Anime theme party but once again, we just kinda got to "Blah" feeling.
Saturday night was the first night I slept a lot better, mostly cos I was so tired X__X;

YU-GI-OH! MEET! :D This was SO MUCH FUN! XD And so crazy! I wanna get in on this group next year by cosplaying Shou...possibly XD We'll see~ I have a whole year to plan that, I really REALLY wanna do at least ONE cosplay next year, I really do. I took loads of photos from it and a few videos, the videos still need editing and putting up. We spent quite a bit of time in the dealer's room and we also saw the Omake this year too...which is where all the Chair worshipping started, I actually have the video of how it all started, it was while they were setting up for the Death Note countdown sketch XD; YAY FOR CHAIR-CHAN! We hung out in the games room for a little while, then went to the closing ceremony. After that we went back to Opal Court, the others were going to the cosplay ball which I couldn't really go too because I brought nothing fancy enough for it, I was offered to borrow a dress but it was okay, I didn't mind missing it, balls probably aren't much my thing anyway, I'm not much of a dress wearing, dance person. I did originally plan to go down and check out the Karaoke, but I didn't really know if anyone I knew was going to be there and didn't really want to be in a room full of people I didn't know, guess that ultimate shyness is still there, plus I wnated to start packing which...didn't take very long at all in the end ^^; Granted I know for sure TMV was there now XD Sooo, I'm gonna check that out next year, hopefully they'll hold it around the time of the ball again and I can go to the karaoke with TMV next year XD;
Probably missed some stuff off and might have spelling mistakes I missed, I'm really tired, feel free to enjoy the photos! :D

http://www.pdunited.co.uk/amecon2007 - PHOTOS :D
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