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Amecon Here I Come!

I should be sleeping, but I still haven't got quite everything packed for Amecon yet @_@ It's like everytime I'm "Okay, do I have everything now?" something else creeps up in my mind and I'm all "NO WAIT HAVE TO TAKE THAT TOO!"

For those on my f-list that are going to Amecon and wanna say hi to the shy Pokémon/GX/Digimon fan look out for someone carrying This bag it's the bag I'll be taking around the con with me, it's kinda bulky heavy at the moment ;~~; All the stuff I can't fit in my case went in there 8O

...you can see where I melted the plastic edging with the iron while trying to put on that top Pokémon transfer XD;

I'm excited and nervous AT THE SAME TIME :D Mostly nervous cos I hope everything goes according to plan XD Should be meeting Carly and her friends at the Leicester Train Station, hopefully XD Guess we'll see.

Need to finish collecting stuff up now and making sure I have everything, then sleep |O

Might wander around the internet for an hour or so tomorrow, but other than that, CYA ALL MONDAY!
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