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I JUST GOT A SHINY WINGULL OFF THE GTS FOR ONE OF MY LV 2 LUCARIOS :D Granted Wingull is probably decently easy to chain, but it was there, though I'm lucky cos the first time I tried sending my Lucario over my internet pinged out X__X Luckily it went back up soon after and the Wingull as still there |D; She looks legit too; LV 20, caught on Route 213 in an Ultra ball, stats seem fine, has attacks it should have at it's level :D It was recently caught too, I figure it was caught via chaining or just really good luck XD

Also internet...STOP DISCONNECTING ME! I swear Orange has upgraded us to a speed our phoneline can't handle, the net was fine until they upgraded it!! >
Tags: Pokémon Pearl, Shiny Pokémon, internet, orange, wingull
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