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Hummm, so last night I bred some more Spiritombs, the last time I did this out of six eggs I got one female, this time I got about 7 or so out of about 11 :D I find the females have more luck when trying to get legendaries off the GTS. I also bred some random Ralts that know Charge Beam, Shock Wave and Psychic, I got one female out of the seven eggs I hatched XD

Been trying some chains when I can, no luck really, mostly cos I just don't have the time right now to do that...I lost a chain of 20 Skitty last night @_@ No luck finding shinies on the GTS going for anything other than LV 9 or under Mews .__. Well I did find a shiny Wingull going for a LV 70 or up Lucario but I wasn't giving my LV 100 Lucario away for that, she's my baby D: *Clings* That and I'd probably be able to chain Wingull somewhat easily. Maybe. XD
Oh wow, I've played just over 500 hours on this game now... @_@

Gwah, guess I should go get ready for work .__. I just want these working days to be OVER WITH, I want Amecon to come soon cos I think I just need the break from everything; Work, my dad, the Internet...
I'm probably just PMSing, I've not been in a good mood recently, but I just feel so BLAH over everything, hopefully I'll be in a better mood at Amecon @_@

Will probably be spending Sunday cleaning my room .__. Meeeh.
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