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First things first http://www.nfiction.com/ go here, it's a new fanfiction place, it's like ff.net but without all the crappy restrictions ^^ I've only uploaded my Tad fic saga so far there (*Under the penname "PDUTogepi" if there was ever a doubt*)

Ed VS Greed was amazing *_* Awesome fight scene that's pretty much the only thing as such worth mentioning besides Greed's death and Ed reaction to killing someone, his screaming in emotinal pain made me feel like crying ;_; Poor guy...
...the Background Music I liked that made an appearnace in the last episode aswell as this one better be on the next FMA OST whenever it comes out... meee waaaaants...

Now Pictures of the episode....most of them are of Ed XD

Eee! Ed Action!

This was too cute, I had to take a picture of it X3

Greed's death scene was freaky at this point O_o;

Poor guy ;_;


Ed is cute XD

Okay now just to wait for the fansub to be released X3

In other news the DOOM saga defiantly did NOT start today, nor did it start re-runs from battle City like I'd hoped, they played the first ever episode today but no matter that was still fun to watch... back then Yami's voice was almost the same as Yugi's, it was a tad hard to distinguish between the two besides Yami's being only slightly deeper...
Pokémon was okay, me loves Team Magma but with both Magma and Aqua stealing things...makes you think....for what? Hummm... I guess there IS the Mt. Chimmney Episode to come yet (*Chimmeny? Can't remember what it's called but I think that's close enough*) so I guess most of this will be answered then...

Also went out on my bike today while FMA was downloading, nice to get out and get some excersise XD Hope it's nice tomorrow and I may just take a small pad of paper, go to the park and hang out there like a sad little loner... there's a patch of grass which usually is deserted, was today anyway... then again i think half term is this week (*I thought it was last week but might not of been*) so the kiddies may be dominating the park XD
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