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One of those blah kinda days.

I swear...I have HAD IT with my ISP at the moment, why...WHY DO YOU KEEP GOING DOWN? Usually it's only for around half a minute - a minute, but it just keeps doing this. They were doing an update to our line which was apparnetly finished on the 29th...that was a Saturday...I started getting this problem that very same weekend.

My dad says to see how it goes over this weekend, but whether he'll do anything is yet to be seen |/

Also today I got this really annoying customer at work, she had two packs of breadrolls in her shopping which were reduced, the breadrolls were on offer so she starts telling me that she would "only get 1p off of it and it would be cheaper just to buy one bla de bloody blah" basiclly she didn't think the offer would come off if they were reduced or something like that, so I told her it would "nono that's not what I'm saying" then proceeds to explain the exact same thing, she completely loses me. I scan the item, I tell her 50p came off it and after she asks how much they were together in totall I tell her both items were £1.98 before the offer comes off.
She still causes hell, saying "I should get more money off it really" so I call the supervisor, they take a look, they explain the same damn thing I did with how much they were and how much came off and instantly the woman is all "Oh I see, that's okay then"
SHE WASN'T LISTENING TO ME! ¬¬; And it's not the first time I've had a customer not pay attention to things I say or tell them and they go off and ask someone else the same damn question even after I've given them an answer.

Seriously, do I really look THAT stupid?

Just three more days at work, just three more days at work...


I think I'm gonna go play on Pokémon for a while.
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