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2 Weeks!! :D

TWO WEEKS TODAY PEOPLES!! :D I'm excited! I didn't mention the cute purple bag I got yesterday here did I? My mum went up down and were looking around the market and I saw this awesome purple bag that would be perfect for the con so my mum got it me :D I'm gonna make iron-on transfers for it XD!! Not sure what I'm gonna put on it right now, I already have some Digimon ones to put on there that were given to me by 2_dg, just need to figure out some GX and Pokémon ones 8D I might mostly draw some stuff to put on there, oooh chibi GX characters would rock!

I will also have Pokémon keyrings on there :D!

It's perfect for carrying things like my DS around with me, my camera and purse ect. so at least I don't have to lug my backpack around with me now 8D

Training my shiny team is going well, just two more to train to LV 50, though those two will take time since they're both ones I caught in-game. Haven't had much chance to shiny hunt recently, might try Spinda later since that's my swarm today, I would mess with the clock to get something better but I have important berries growing!! 8D Then again, maybe I'll find the Spinda with the heart-shaped spot in the middle of it's face again <3 I really wanted that one and my Swellow KO'd it at the time D:

Oh and my female Lucario is finally at LV 100! :D

Gah, should go eat and do other stuff now 8P
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