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Tired Ramblings~

My god I'm so tired, I should stop training my Pokémon at 2 in the morning X__X; MY POOR 10-YEAR-OLD CHARACTER GETS NO SLEEP D:
My Swellow has all the great rank contest ribbons now though! :D Are they worth the lack of sleep? Er...probably not .__. but hey, never mind, I have cola! Probably will be a while before Tsubasa the Swellow gets any more contest ribbons, currently trying to grow spicy berries to make into awesome Poffin for him to get his coolness as high as possible.

My shiny Mudkip is now a shiny Marshtomp and took me a few days to get him to LV 42 as a Mudkip so he could learn Hydro Pump, next is keeping him a Marshtomp for a few levels until he learns Earthquake, then it's Swampert time and LV up to LV 50 :D

Amecon wise I currently have 5 shiny Nosepass (*2 female, 3 male*) and 2 shiny Slakoth (*Both Male*) that I'm keeping for trading at the con, possibly anyway. Hopefully I'll get some more extra ones over this next week 8D~

My mum got me a neato RED suitcase thingy for my trip to Amecon, YAY! Looks easy to pull around so that's handy...I should attach some Pokémon metal tags/danglers to it :3

Talking of mum and going places, Skegness is off, mum didn't want to take the long journay there. Cleethorpes is off, no trains running there either, we didn't really wanna take the bus. Everything else I suggested was also off for various reasons @_@ Eh. Probably for the best, looks like it's gonna rain good on Thursday, instead I'll just phone/text Helen and see her in the morning maybe.

Might be going into town tomorrow with mum, might not, depends on the weather.

I love this icon of Juudai :D Think I might doze for a little while now 8D
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