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I Love my Swablu

I went looking for a male Swablu I could name "Edo" after GX's Edo, and the one I got is Adamant Natured and Hates to lose.
I love my new Swablu!Edo :3

I think when in town tomorrow, I'll look in Gamestation to see if they have Pokémon D/P Trading cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Force of the Breaker trading cards, cos Gamestation is gonna be my trading card supply until our Worksop to Sheffield train line is open again and Meadowhall isn't half shut |/

Not sure if my mum and I are going to Skegness, depends on weather and whether we can be bothered to change trains twice or whatever. Might end up going to Cleethorpes...might end up doing nothing at all @_@ Kinda wanna get out and do something more than sit around the house though :/
Tags: Pokémon, Pokémon Pearl, cleethorps, edo phoenix, gamestation, meadowhall, skegness, swablu, trading cards
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