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I hate it when I can't Sleep

So, back to work for me today @_@ Doesn't help that I barely slept last night, I never sleep well on Saturday nights when I KNOW I have to up early for work on Sunday...doesn't help when my dad finishes cooking food at TEN AT NIGHT, which is probably the major factor in why I can never sleep, eh, good thing it's only 4 hours today.

But while I couldn't sleep, I entered my Swellow into two more normal rank contests, he now has ALL the normal rank ribbons, all the great rank ones are next ;D Also trying to grow some spicy berries so I can make awesome poffin for him in the hope I can raise it enough for the other contest ranks. Though I loved how in the normal ranks all the other contestants got like two or three hearts and my Swellow got tons 8D Also bred some more Turtwigs (*Cos everyone loves Turtwigs*) and some Riolu's that know EARTHQUAKE :D

Finally felt tired after all that, still struggled to sleep but eventually got there @_@ I think I'm just too used to going to sleep at that time with all the late nights I've had this past week, need to get that sorted out before Amecon, though it's a guarantee I won't sleep well the first night there anyway, never do when it's the first night in a new place XD

Made some new icons last night :D Need to make more, I have a ton of icon space left 8D; Probably will post a bunch of GX ones on the new gx_icons community soon 8D Yes I shall pimp that here because it deserves members and posts! Lots of pretty GX icon posts!! :D!
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