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A Dream as told on IRC

<PDUTogepi> I was woken by the phone about 10 or 11, found out I needed to re-book an appointment with the dentist, did that, then went back to sleep

<PDUTogepi> Slept until about 3pm :/

<PDUTogepi> Didn't bother getting up until 4pm

<PDUTogepi> I had some weird dreams though, I was going on some mission but had to sneak out of a maths class but the maths teacher padlocked the door

<PDUTogepi> Then he set a bin on fire in front of it and dared me to try and put it out, throwing a small amount of water on it didn't work so I shouted "DOES ANYONE HAVE A WATER POKÉMON!?"

<PDUTogepi> Someone said they had one and leant me their Pokéball, I threw it but it somehow flew out of the window

<PDUTogepi> Then a Buizel came out so I shouted through the window to ask if the Buizel could come back up (*We were on the top floor of this school place*) and it somehow jumped/flew up to the window

<PDUTogepi> But by this time the girl was asking where the Pokéball was and I was all "It's outside near the fire escape" and suddenly the entire walls of the room dissapeared allowing this girl to just walk around this fire

<PDUTogepi> Er...then after that we were free to go and had to rush to this place we were gonna ambush knowing that someone who went ahead would of set up our scary looking balloons already

<PDUTogepi> Then we camped out with Ash, Brock, Team Rocket and 8th movie Aaron

<PDUTogepi> 8th movie Aaron knew a lot about survival and hung out with Jessie a lot for some reason

<PDUTogepi> I remember Meowth trying to fish in a stream cos nobody fed him and he somehow fished out a tennis racket

<PDUTogepi> Oh and I also remember one part with Bakura and he yelled out "YAY SOMEONE ELSE WHO'S ENGLISH" but dunno where THAT part came into it at all D:

Weird thing was, this place we were gonna ambush had a deja vu kinda feel to it, like I'd been there and possibly amushed it before...I swear I revisit places in my dreams 80 And yes, we were gonna ambush it with balloons with scary faces on them, BEST AMBUSH PLAN EVER.
Also at one point Jessie tied her hair in pigtail plaits and she had glasses on and 8th movie Aaron said she looked "Cute"

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