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Shiny Mudkip!

Squeee~~ I finally have the shiny I've wanted for so very long X3 SHINY MUDKIP! I came across a post by pikachuashnat on shinypoke offering clones of their shinies for shinies on their list or another offer, luckily I managed to chain two shiny Buizels last night so I had one spare for trades :D

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He's so cute X3

Also a picture of my shiny Buizel, Cheddar!

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Yeah, her capture date is in the future, my DS is set to August for some reason at the moment, I think I must of hit the month button when I last chained the date to change my swarm XD I'll have to set that back later on, I wondered why I got my Friday Drifloon on a Wednesday XD;

Aaaand, last night I managed to snag this little girl off the GTS in exchange for my only female Combee (*Gonna have to do mass breeding to get another female Combee now XD*)

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A legit shiny Teddirusa! :D She's so greeeen~~ And she's an Ursaring now XD Too bad I can't officially name her, but all shinies I'm getting in trades who can't be nicknamed get a special ball capsule that displays their name :D

Gwah, I should go and sleep now XD;; Only two more days to work then I get another week off! YAY! And the week after my mum, brother and I MIGHT be going to Skegness, depending on the weather.
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