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More Shinyness~~~

Lookie what I got off the GTS today~ :D

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I was so so lucky to get him. I checked the GTS before work and someone had traded me a Dialga for the offered Spiritomb I had up, only five minutes later I found this shiny Chikorita being offered FOR a LV 50 and up Dialga! XD Didn't take me long to say bye to my new Dialga and give it up for the shiny Chikorita 8D Shiny Chikorita is really the only other shiny starter I REALLY REALLY wanted other than a shiny Mudkip...I will get my shiny Mudkip one day, somehow ;~~~;
But for now I'm happy with my Chikorita <3 Yes~~ So pretty~~ As far as I can tell he's legit too, came from Hoenn apparently (*Emerald I imagine, that's the only Hoenn based game where you can get the Johto starters, isn't it?*), only knows Tackle and Growl, is LV 5 and it's stats seem fine.

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