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HTML is trying to kill me....

*flops over* I'm in the middle of doing as big of an update as I possibly can on PDU...I just now updated the Pokemon Picture gallery for episode pictures of episode 79 of Advanced Generation, re-uploaded ALL the Pokémon Character Profiles and had to change and update some infomation on then, updated the Pokémon Advanced episode Guide AND did a small update on my FullMetal Alchemist page (*Just added two new characters for small profiles *Wrath and Roy*)

Then while I was here I decided to update my user info with the stuff I was working on last night....doesn't help when the HTML gets screwed and ends up not looking like it does in microsoft frontpage so I just had to use what little HTML knowlage I have to fix that... but I have a more intresting LJ User Info page now, I have a Digimon Frontier Banner at the top then some information and links to places then I have a kawaii picture of Ed sleeping at the bottom *Adores that picture so much*

Also while on the subject of updates and Pokémon AG episode 79


JAMES: "Meowth it doesn't matter how much you try, that Pay Phone isn't edible..."
MEOWTH: *Knaw, knaw*

"Liek OMG! Look at my cute ring!"


JAMES: - "Are you SURE you didn't give Jesse all kinds of Happy Drugs...."

The Magikarp Seller Man's supposed family...


"What is this Mysterious White Powder..."

Now back to updates....
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