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GTS tales

Well that's freed up some space, managed to trade a few Charmanders and Turtwigs away, and one Chikorita. Now I have two random Eevees, 2 Cranidos, 1 Shroomish and a blue Shellos XD I might release some of them, or I might pop em into my trade boxes, especially the Eevees since they do get asked for a lot, Cranidos too actually. Gave up for now though, GTS keeps throwing me off via "Communications errors" plus I need to get ready for work anyway XD

And why is it that just about every shiny I saw the person wanted a Palkia for it XD Saw some interesting ones, which I bet half of em were hacked, pretty to look at though 8D I saw a shiny Trapinch D: But I wasn't giving up my 10th Anniversary Latios for it, nooooo way.
Tags: Pokémon Pearl, gts, shiny pokémon, trading
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