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Hummm, so this whole can't trade legendaries on the GTS thing might be some sorta glitch by the looks of it, rather than Nintendo finding a way to stop people from trading their hacks as it seems many people with legit legendaries have been having problems trading them too. It's too bad it seems they haven't taken a step towards banning hacks then if this is just a glitch (*Unless this was all caused by them trying to do that XD*) I hope one day we can all trade over the GTS with full confidence, but yeah I've mostly heard it's a glitch, but I don't think anyone knows for sure exactly what's going on with it :/ Guess we'll see.

Shiny wise I now have a shiny Dustox, many thanks goes to my friend MetalRavenmon who's been cloning some of his Pokémon in Emerald and gave me a bunch of his cloned legendaries from his XD game and what not, plus the shiny Dustox he had~ All my extra shinies are now gone so will see if I get anymore extra when I get to do some chains again, though this is my "bad" working week so I might not have as much free time to do chaining this week D:
I know have 17 shinies of my own, I'm hoping to train them up to be good battlers XD
I did two battles over Wi-fi last night too :D I lost both times but it was fun~!

Hummm definintly does seem to be something up with the GTS, I'm only getting about 3 people appearing as trade partners even when I search for common Pokémon, I'm only looking to help people out and get rid of some of my extra babies anyway XD;

EDIT: Ah, now I've done one trade I'm getting more results, weird XD Guess it was just busy?
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