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I want to make a Drifloon hat. Flooon~~~

In other news, I'm in a bad mood today for reasons certian people on my f-list will know about. I'm just very tired of the situation but I know it's not gonna get any better...ever. I try to stay positive, but I'm finding that more and more hard with you guys with every thing that happens.

In other, other news, I caught 2 shiny Pichus and 3 shiny Mareeps over the last few days (*All extras have a home though*), and aphotic traded me a shiny Drifloon for one of the Mareeps <3 Eeeee~

Also, it was weird to go to bed when it was still actually dark, felt kinda relaxing actually, I should do that more often.

Hummm, might watch the "Wild in the Streets" Pokémon episode in a mo, once it's downloaded.
Roark <3
Tags: Pokémon Pearl, drifloon, mareep, meh, pichu, shiny Pokémon
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