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Recent Pokémon eps

I have been REALLY impressed by the two Roark eps that have shown in the US so far, totally awesome, even IF I was pronoucning Roark's name wrong in my head (*I was pronoucning it "ROW-ARK" instead of "Rourke", that's gonna take some getting used to*) but really Roark has a freakin awesome voice (*He has the same VA as the Pikachu had in the Mystery Dungeon special according to Bulbapedia, Pikachu's voice was quite smexy in that to be quite honest XD;;*) and the music, both dub AND Japanese wise has been awesome! They kept the movie 8 music at the end of "A Gruff Act to Follow" that made me very happy :3 Can't wait to see the next two Roark eps next week X3
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