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HA! It's the Pink Haired Dude!

Yugioh Dating System by vinnick
Your Name?
On a...Wonderful Day
You will go on a date with...Jeek... the l33t Pink-ness
He/She will...Say, "What happen to your ex?"
At the End...You Kick Some Ass
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

HA! I'm gonna go on a date with the pink haired dude from the Grand Prix Episodes XD

Work was intresting once again... this manager dude I haven't seen in quite a few weeks just suddenly reappeared again and then gave me and Daniel (*The lad I work with sometimes*) a big lecture on some speech thingy he did about what he wants to see happen in Sainsbury's or something....
...I swear if he would of carried on I would of just burst out laughing there and then, didn't help that I was in an already giddy mood, but luckily I managed to keep from laughing....dunno what made me find it so amusing though XD

Okay I'm off to do more insane stuff now XD
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