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More Shiny Fun~~~ Chiiiime~~

YAY! I managed to get TWO shiny Chinglings today (*17th and 18th shinies in total I believe*) |D Second one already has a home, a picture of mine is under the cut~

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Named him Bramley after a type of Apple :D; Keeping him on my party to raise his happiness for now while I run around chaining for more shinies, really need to beat the crap out of those rich old people's Pokémon by the Pokémon mansion at some point too so I can raise funds again.
Might try chaining for a shiny Chatot later, though I might not get round to it, so maybe Sunday.

Updated my trade list, just to note some Pokémon down as being reserved for people who are interested in them :3

Gwah I should really go to sleep now XD;

Last day at work tomorrow then I have a week off~~~ YAAAY!!
Tags: Pokémon Pearl, Shiny Pokémon, chimecho, chingling, pocket monsters, trade, wi-fi
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