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Duel Box 9! YAY!

Never mind! It arrived 5 or so minutes after I posted my last entry XD

Anyway we have colour pics of Manjoume, Asuka, Edo and Fubuki in his Darkness outfit (*He looks so awesome XD*) and lineart wise we have:

3 pages of D.D
One monster I can't identfy yet XD But it's a monster belonging to D.D I'll look it up later.
A bunch of Saiou's Arcana Force Monsters

I think this will make neo_arkadia quite happy, yes? :D But sorry to TMV, seems Orgene was snubbed out of lineart D:

No season 3 lineart so looks like that's being saved for the next box, but I SHOULD have textless Teardrop and Taiyou in here :D

I'll get round to scanning and encoding and all that stuff after work 8D Wheeeee~~~~
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