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Oh Shoot.

Oh shoot.

I just checked the status of my Duel Box...it's alreay out for delivery Oo; It didn't even get a customs charge!
Bad thing is I'm in at work early today ><; Parcelforce best re-deliver tomorrow.

Well that certinly caught me off guard, they usually don't get the package until the weekend XD But according to my status the parcel was sent off a few days early (*The 18th when it was out on the 20th XD*) so that's why it's here a little earlier than expected, as well as the fact that it went straight through customs with no charge, takes longer if they charge XD;;

Oh well, guess we'll see if they leave me a little card telling me what they're gonna do. Unless it comes very very soon, but doubt it will, parcels never come when you NEED them too :p
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