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Last Night + Dreams + Permamant Accounts + Duel Box

Gwah, I was up until almost 4am this morning because of the storms, I HATE storms at night, I don't sleep through them, so I just don't try ^^; When the first one rolled over I decided to switch my computer off, just in case and the storms just kept on coming, so I didn't bother switching it back on. Instead, I dedicated my time training up my shiny Shinx, she's a badass shiny Luxray now :D I was trying to film some videos of some battle with her and such, if they turned out okay might upload them to my PDUTogepiEX account, I was mostly doing that just to see if I could get it so the screen wasn't so blurry.
I think I need a proper camcorder XD;

But thanks to staying up late I REALLY ended up oversleeping. I woke up at about 10:30am, fell back to sleep and next thing I know it's 2:30pm X__X Meep. I had a really weird dream though, I was on this fast moving train and like all these different kind of aliens were appearing on it and were taking DNA samples of humans? So I ran to the front of the train cos apparently the 10th Doctor Who was driving it Oo; I told him about the aliens and he was all "I can't stop the train!" XD Somehow it stopped anyway, aliens left, we all go off the train and I tried to give the doctor a "YAY WE'RE ALIVE" hug but he pushed me away cos he didn't want people to know that we knew each other and spoil his disguise?

Only at this point we realize we're in the middle of nowhere with a broken train, apparently we're in Derbyshire. So I get to a town with someone else and need to find a place with phone to call my dad. I find one and call him to pick us up and I try asking some woman what the name of the town is, she tells me but each time I can't hear her so I have to tell my dad the name of a road I saw on the way into the town. Have no idea what really happens next, though I seem to recall having to catch another train, though that might of been a different dream all together Oo;

Ooooh, permanant LJ account sales are starting tomorrow for a whole week, I think I might get one then I won't have to remember to renew this account or pay for it ever again XD

Oooh and Duel Box 9 has shipped off, should have that by early next week hopefully :3 Appears to have Edo, normal Asuka and White!Manjoume on the front. The booklet is 20 pages, so sounds like it could have a lot of good stuff :3

EDIT: Ha, I just ordered the two Pokemon CDs (*10th movie OST and Together2007*) and after ordering I was going through my e-mails and didn't realize they'd sent me a 500yen coupon I could of used on it XD Ah well never mind.

I'm gonna be getting a first press Edition of the 10th movie OST too :D Which means it's gonna come with a special feature/bonus according to CDJapan~ YAY!
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