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Oh for the love of...

I've been checking my message board quite constantly due to spambots, but today I found two people have signed up and have decided to post topics and talk amongst themselves IN ARABIC *Bangs head on wall* I mean come ON, it makes sense not to sign up for a ENGLISH MESSAGE BOARD when you can't seem to understand nor write the language it's in. I translated some of their text via the google translater...all of it jibberish, thank you translator, you're a big help :/ Though one piece of text I ran through it came up with "OK, I understood something, but OK" >>;

I left a message in the introduction post they made (*That was in the wrong forum*) telling them that they're welcome there but they NEED to post in English (*Even if their English isn't that good*), I have no idea if they'll understand me. I may have to ban them if they keep spamming the board with messages no one but the two of them can understand >>;

I don't even know why I still have that board, other than the fact I'm keeping it cos about two or three people still post there on occasion :/
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