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Shiny Pokémon Grass Patch Video

I thought I'd post this video I found on Youtube for all those on my list who still aren't sure what a shiny grass patch looks like, this video shows it pretty clearly~


Notice how it glitters twice? That's how you always notice it straight away, it stands out a mile from all the other patches where you notice the shake more than the glittering XD

I was gonna try chaining Pichu or Plusle today but might save that for tomorrow after work, I probably need to train up Satoshi my Raichu a bit more before hand anyway, currnetly he's only LV 41 and sometimes doesn't manage to take out a Plusle on the first hit, sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.

Maybe I'll try chaining Chansey, only to beat them up and see if I can't steal a Lucky egg off one of them via my Mightyena's Thief attack 8D I already have one, but while raising Pokémon you can never have too many of those~ Least then I don't have to share out the one I already have between all the Pokémon I'm training.
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