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Rocko the shiny Bonsly~

Here's the piccie :D

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So yeah, I was just in a shiny hunting mood and after having loads of chains break on me this past week (*And just before I got this Bonsly*) I finally came across this little guy after chaining about 24 of them~ I was so happy I finally have a 4th member of my shiny team and my 5th caught overall~
I tried chaining for some more but I think I got too bold after I got Rocko and ran into Staravia XD Ah well, I tried chaining Starvaia too and I was doing well until I ran into a random Kricketune XD I might try for another shiny later tonight, but right now my thumb and head need a rest 8D

Rocko has certinly made this day much better~
Tags: bonsly, pokemon pearl, shiny Pokémon
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