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Grass Pokémon Sculptures?

I had a weird dream this morning. I remember looking out of my bedroom window and seeing sculptures of D/P Pokémon in my next door neighbour's garden, all made out of grass and wire frames, I remember there was a HUGE Dialga and Palkia and also a Lucario and possibly a Buneary. I went to get my camera to take a photo, but someone was just leaving a different house and so I decided to wait until they were gone...only... somehow this woman got up to my window and started tapping on it Oo;
So until she went away I went downstairs to talk to my dad, then I went back upstairs to take a photo, but the man next door had already pulled down the sculptures and had the dry grass in like little hay bundles.
The neighbour wasn't my regular neighbour though, he was a middle aged Japanese man who apparently likes making Pokémon sculptures out of grass, he seemed excited when I was all "I'm a Pokémon fan too!!" Then I mentioned caterpie and he started to make a caterpie out in his garden from dry grass, wire and...lots of grapes Oo; He finished and I went out to take a photo but it seems this man was camera shy and hid indoors and started watching Disney's Jungle Book for some reason. So I started taking photos but for some reason my brother kept trying to take the camera out of my hands and...the garden was also covered with patches of snow now for some reason Oo;

And through all this time it was Tuesday (*Like today*) and I was supposed to both go to the charity shop AND go with my friend Helen to Meadowhall Oo; I think I was too interested in the grass Pokémon sculptures to do either XD

Weird, but a fun dream~
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