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Future Pokémon CD Releases

Gwaaah, Pokémon is gonna be eating into my bank account in July, just reading about the CD releases that month, they're releasing the 10th Movie OST, Together 2007 and also the Sarah Brightman single for the theme of the movie (*That won't be on the OST itself :/*)
I don't think I would of bothered with the Together 2007 CD Single but it has a track on it that MIGHT be that pretty instrumental music that plays over the 10th movie trailers, not sure if that's gonna be on the OST or not, if only that is being included with Together2007 and the Popup version of Hikari's theme I don't think it will be.

So come July I think I'll end up ordering all three CDs XD;
Apparently the 10th movie OST also comes with a DVD which includes footage and extra material from the previous movies :o I like the sound of that~
Tags: Pokémon, cd releases, dialga vs palkia vs darkrai, fandom, movie 10
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