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Phoneline Update

So, apparnetly BT are gonna fix the fault on the line tomorrow...well...later today now XD Luckily my net has been okay since I posted my last entry, an hour or so afterwards it stopped disconnecting me, still has it's moments when it's going slow ect. though.

Hummm, I really need to get up a trade list for Pearl, I've got a bunch of babies that need giving away XD Chikoritas, Mudkipz, Bulbasaurs, a few Dratinis, Carnivines, Charmanders, and loads I can breed on request, I have a list writen up, so I'll double check though it later and post it along with a possible want list. I need a Totodile, it's the only starter I currnetly don't have D:

Other than that, evil Juudai is awesome <3
Tags: Pokémon Pearl, bt, internet, trading, wi-fi
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