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Just a Quick Note

Okay, so chances are you might not see me around as much for the next few days...or even few weeks, who knows.
You see, our phonelines here are crap, we get a bit of rain and they start crackling like hell, which in turn effects my net connection, I keep getting disconnected frequeantly. I got so pissed off with it last night I just stopped trying :/ I have no idea when they'll go back to normal, or when BT will go and fix them if they need fixing, in the past I've known it take them a week or two >>; Blah.
So yeah, doubt I'll be on MSN/IRC until my connection is a bit more stable.

Oh well, guess I could always go draw something XD And I got some Eevee evolutions that need training up, I have all seven of them now :D But I want them all at the same level and since my Umbreon didn't evolve until LV 50, that's what I have to train the others too. Flareon is at LV 45 at the moment, the others are at LV 24 and lower XD;
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