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And the Elite 4 Falls~~~

So I did it~~~ I actually managed to defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion today :D It was a REAL close call with Cynthia, the champion, though, gwah, I was so lucky her Milotic didn't have any good attacks against my Empoleon so it gave me the chance to revive everyone else, once I had FINALLY killed her Milotic, her last Pokémon, Roserade, was an easy defeat at the claws of my Staraptor, but I'm proud I defeated them with the team I spent countless hours training :3

Afterwards I went for the Psychic trio, or as I call them, the Pixies :D Took a few goes to catch Azelf, who I finally managed to catch IN A REGULAR POKÉBALL XD Uxie I managed to eventually get in an Ultra ball and Mesprit is the one that thinks it's fun to fly away from you...it makes you chase it all around Sinnoh :/ You have to use the Master Ball for that one, cos it just flees if you try to attack.

So after I got them I finally got my National dex and Poké Radar, I've even already transferred 6 Pokémon each from Emerald and FireRed, I'm now breeding Dratini's :D Other than that, I'm currently exploring the Battle areas that open up after you beat the game which has lots of trainers with Pokémon foreign to Sinnoh :D

Been abusing the underground too, my god that's addicting 8D You can find lots of goodies down there and I've lost count how many evolution stones I have now. I have some fossils too, you can get all the fossils from the past games once you get your National dex X3
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