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Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Oh god, people weren't kidding when they said Jackie sounded like Zapp Brannigan from Futurama, they were RIGHT, he kinda does XD I couldn't help but be amused everytime Jackie spoke~ But that just makes him even more awesome~ His voice drifted away from the Zapp sounding voice a few times when he was trying to be serious, but even then it just sounded funny XD
Jackie = Awesome, I wish they'd use him again in the series D: But I really doubt any Pokémon Rangers will show up again unless they release a second game XD;

And the Team Rocket heart swap scene was just hilarious XD Especially Jessie's comments while she was in Meowth's body XD

Manaphy was adorable X3 "Mana happy love you~~~!" The ending song I like better than the Japanese ending song :D; And the instrumental version really fitted Jackie's flashback scene, not that instrumental "Spurt!" wasn't awesome as well.

Took a look at the special features too, there was a lovely video showing the movie director and co going around Italy to search for places and ideas for the movie, it's always lovely to see things like that.

Need to encode the Pikachu short that came with it so I can take screenshots of it and maybe even do some silly fan-dubbing? :3 Maybe~
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