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Pokémon Pearl Progress - Day 6

Current Team:

Nightmare (*Prinplup*) LV 35
Syrus (*Pachirisu*) LV 34
Starshine (*Staraptor*) LV 34
Jackie (*Buizel*) LV 34
Huey (*Roserade*) LV 41
Lucario LV 42

So over the last few days I have defeated gyms 3-5 (*Defeated the 5th one this morning*), played with the GTS a hell of a lot (*If you ignore the many people putting up LV 1 Piplups for LV 100 Palkia's it's a pretty cool place*) I've managed to get a Mime Jr., a Croagunk, a female Burmy, a female Turtwig and a female Piplup off it. Currently have up a Misdreavus for offer for a female Chimchar.

Yesterday I spent most of my gaming time breeding Pokémon, as you can see, my Riolu evolved into Lucario so I decided to breed her and now I have an army of Riolu's XD And they're all male, the female ones went fast through trades XD So if you want a male Riolu, just leave a comment in here, though it would be handy if you have MSN too so we can meet on their first so we know when to catch each other, though I'm not on that thing much (*Usually Tuesdays, but might go on for a little while later tonight*) My MSN contact address is kawaiihamster (AT) hotmail (DOT) com. Of course relace the words in brackets with the appropriate symbols XD I have some baby Carnivine's for trade too. Might do a proper trade post later.

Anyway, managed to go to Iron Island and trained with Aaron Riley, he's so awesome :D And yes, I hatched his Riolu egg, it's another male! XD I found the shiny stone there too, so used it to evolve my Roselia into Roserade ^^

Should hopefully be challenging the 6th gym leader tonight :3

Also, the 9th Pokémon movie finally came! YAY! Gonna watch that in a little while~~ CAPTURE ON~~~!
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