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Pokémon Pearl Progress - Day 3

Current Team:

Nightmare (*Prinplup*) LV 22
Syrus (*Pachirisu*) LV 22
Jackie (*Buizel*) LV 22
Starshine (*Staravia*) LV 22
Riolu LV 19 (*And steadily rising*)

Major major thanks and much love to aphotic who traded me the female Riolu, I love my little Riolu to tiny pieces~~~ X3 And her training is going well, I gave her the Exp. Share to hold and she's gone up from LV 1 - LV 19 so far :D Soon she'll be equal with the levels of the others.
It's also amazing what these little DS' can do, being able to communicate through it via the voice chat with someone on the other side of the world :3 It's awesome~~

This damn egg I was given (*Which I am assuming is the Happiny egg XD*) is taking forever to hatch, so I'm having to switch around my Pokémon every so often, since it's taking up a spot in my party which would belong to Asmodai.

Other than that, today I went to Hearthrome City, entered a super contest with Jackie just to try it out and he surprisingly won it even though the dancing part I didn't do well in at all XD It was the dressing up and acting bit he really stood out in.
I also got the Poffin Case and tried my hand at making Poffin, it is SO much more fun to make that than Pokéblock XD Basically you have to stir the mixture without spilling it or burning it, my first attempt was a failure and I got some nice....foul Poffin from it XD; But I quickly got the hang of it~

I went to Solaceon Town after that and now I'm on my way to Veilstone City and the 3rd Gym Leader~!

Oh and I managed to catch a Cleffa and a Bonsly today as well :D
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