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Pokémon Pearl Progress - Day 2

Current Team:

Nightmare (*Prinplup*) LV 18
Jackie (*Buizel*) LV 17
Syrus (*Pachirisu*) LV 18
Huey (*Budew*) LV 18
Starshine (*Staravia*) LV 19
Asmodai (*Monferno*) LV 17

Asmodai was traded to me by toonmahavailo since she was gonna restart her game and wanted to give her Monferno to someone, man the trading thing is awesome, I heart it completely <333 I will hopefully be getting a female Riolu off aphotic at some point as well, I so can't wait to get her, I really want Riolu/Lucario on my team and wasn't looking forward to waiting until near the end of the game and getting the Riolu egg. I'm really hoping that when I do get that egg, I'll get a male Riolu, you know what that means, sweet Lucario lovin'~~~ XD

Anyway today I managed to catch a male Combee, I smothered honey on a sweet honey tree last night and when I started my game up this morning it was rustling, so I'm trying the same thing tonight to see what I get |D I also managed to catch a Drifloon, which at the moment is my most highest level Pokémon at LV22 XD

I experienced the joy of having to escort Cheryl through the Eterna Forest, though it was awesome to battle along with her Chansey and I managed to catch a Buneary too, which I named "Coffee".

I was a bit worried about Gardenia's gym, with only one Pokémon who was strong against grass types (*Staravia*) I was sure I was gonna be owned by her. I couldn't use Asmodai in the battle as he was being a disobedient little monkey (*Needed the second gym badge to get him to obey me*) so I decided to try my luck and see how well Starshine did on her own and she took out all THREE of Gardenia's Pokémon with ease |D
With the ability to now use cut I went and owned Team Galactic again, got me a bike as a reward and now can head on my way.

I think the third gym is gonna be a real riot |/ I hate fighting type gyms XD They always give me a lot of bother.

And yeah, this game is distracting me from pretty much everything else XD; I best head off to bed now~~~
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