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Pearl Progress

Current team:

Nightmare (*Piplup*)
Starshine (*Staravia*)
Jackie (*Buizel*)
Syrus (*Pachirisu*)
Huey (*Budew*)
Forest (*Bidoof*)

The Bidoof will probably get swapped with another Pokémon later, either Buneary or Bonsly, not sure which.
I never realized just how much I wanted to train most of these Sinnoh Pokémon and how much I loved them all XD Six spaces in your team is not enough!! XD Ah well, I'm gonna have a completely different team on Diamond (*UK Ver.*) when I get that, so no biggie.

So far I've managed to defeat Roark the first Gym Leader (*Gah, it took me about three tries before I was able to defeat his last Pokémon, Cranidos, even though I had a water type and a grass type at the time*), I've registered the area I live in on the Wi-fi globe thing, beat Team Galaxy at the windworks and tomorrow, since it's Friday, I'm going hunting for a Drifloon :D
Hehehe, I've ended up with a mostly male team again aswell, the only female is Starshine XD

General impressions of the game is a love the graphics, the buildings and such look so much more 3D-ish, as did the inside of Roark's gym. The calls of the new Pokémon are awesome, Budew's is so cute and squeaky XD Gah, so much more I probably need to say but I'm really tired right now XD Need to go to bed! I need to be up early-ish to send some things off in the post~~~
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