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Those good old Legends~~

YAY! I just caught all three Regi's on Emerald, which means I now have all the avalible leganderies! I named them all after letters in the greek Alphabet; Alpha (*Kyogre*), Beta (*Groudon*), Gamma (*Rayquaza*), Zeta (*Regirock*), Delta (*Regice*) and Omega (*Registeel*) 8D I might keep that theme for when I get Regigigas :3

Also apparnetly Pal Park isn't region locked!! YAY! That means I can transfer Pokémon from my UK FireRed to Pearl....when I get Pearl that is |P So that means I can get the Legandary Birds and Mewtwo onto Pearl...I think you can get one of the legendary Dogs in FireRed too can't you? Though that's a while away, I still have a few gyms to beat and my Pokémon need some serious training!

Gah, gonna give the computer a rest now, my eyes feel funny XD Going to work soon anyway =p
Tags: Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Pearl, legendaries
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