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No D/P yet D:

Well, no Pearl today it seems D: Understandable, it took Turtwig 4 days to get to me including the weekend, so the games SHOULD come tomorrow...please come tomorrow, iwannaplay ;~~~~; I think I might just phone the charity shop tomorrow morning and tell them I won't be coming in cos I have to wait for a parcel...which is half right...but I think even if it comes before I usually leave to go down there, I'll just stay home to play the game 8D;; Hehehehe~~
Probably a good thing it didn't come today, I have actually succeeded in cleaning SOME of my room! YAY! Just got the sheets to chance, floor to hoover, odd bits and bobs that need moving elsewhere, but taking a break right now, so very tired.

But I DID get the Savers CD today! YAY! I haven't listened to it yet XD;; *Puts it on*
Ooooh! Songs are awesome :D Ikuto and Falcomon's song is so adorable X3
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