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Whahaha, I was so bored today I downloaded the raw of Naruto, it's weird watching it without subtitles but oh so much more fun X3 So I'm just gonna post down my views on it here cos I've nothing better to do...

Hummm Gai decides to give Naruto one of those green suit things he and Rock Lee wear, I feel sorry for sasuke cos he's on Gai's back at the time while he's doing dramatic poses O_o; Luckily sasuke is unconcious...
...plus I think that green suit thing was alive by the way it was wriggling *pokes it* Gai and Naruto then grin at each other like crazed idiots while Jiraiya is all like "WTF? -_-;;"
Then there is a very intresting shot of Gai's ass...
...I do not kid...
The Gai fangirls will certainly be happy XD

Why in the hell does the Pig that hangs around with tsunade and the other woman remind me so much of Patamon...or of something else... it doesn't even sound like a pig XD In fact it almost sounds like Bayleef going "Bay Bay" HA! It's a strange Patamon/Bayleef cross.

Naruto's eyes looked weird in this episode, made him look a tad girly *lol*

Naruto has some fun around the town pigging out on food and playing games then he finds out Jiraiya has spend all the money he left with him XD FUNNY! And he's sat there all tipsy with two girls sat by him *lol* Then Naruto beats him up with the food he had just bought, then one slips out of his hand and hits some guy in a trenchcoat... I forget who he is....then that's when we see the ultra super cool jutsu Rasengan X3

Now screenshots!

Sasuke regrets going on the Super Gai ride at the beach.
SASUKE: - UGH! Let me ooooooffff....

Meet gai and his newest student....naruto lee XD

"What do you mean "I look girly...?"

"You! Naruto! Come and join me and mah bitches and drink Sake!"

Never trust a sneaky Chibi Shinobi with your money.


Ph33r da Kyuubi!

Anyway I'm off again to wander about the net for soemthing to do....might work on the anime crossover fic I have in my head....but I need to choose a Yugioh character to kill off which isn't Yugi, bakura or Tea ^^; Any suggestions?
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