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Turtwig Love~~

My Turtwig arrived!! :D

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He's so adorable X3 And I gave him plenty of hugs like I promised! He's my first D/P plushie too, though not my first D/P merchandise overall cos I also have a small Munchlax figure and I'm hoping to get some Manaphy, Buizel, Mantyke and Chatot charms/danglers when I go to Meadowhall this week.

I really hope once D/P comes out over here that we get a good selection of plushies, cos when Advanced came out, we may have gotten a good collection of merchandise, but the only plushies to come out were Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic (*And of course Pikachu*) in various sizes, some more might of come out but the Toys R Us I go to didn't have anything more than that in the way of plushies. Come on! Let's have more than just the starters this time! Especially because I want a Buneary, Pachirisu and Croagunk ;~~; I'm expecting Buneary and Pachirisu to at least be brought over because they're cute and will sell XD

Off the topic of plushies, the bottom of my right foot aches because I managed to bruise it yesterday. I head gone into the spare room just to let a little bug out of the window (*They're like Ladybirds only they're brown and have a light brown pattern on them*) but when I turned to walk away, I tripped over something and when i stepped forward, my right foot landed on the plug of my CD player ><; Ouch!

Well, best be getting ready for work, at least I get to go home 2 hours earlier today :D

Hummm, I really should try and get my hair cut too, it's too long again, maybe I'll try the hairdressers near to where I live this time, especially since the last time I went to Planet Hair, they didn't seem to actually want to cut my hair, or at least, not as short as I wanted it, thus why it's longer now. I need to keep it short for work cos I hate tying it up, so I need to keep it at a length I can't tie up. It's probably cheaper down at the place near me too XD;
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