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A Turtwig that needs Love~

So, since I'm thinking of getting Pokémon Pearl from NCSx once they list it that is, I decided to first test them out on a cheaper item since this is the first time I'm using them XD I noticed they had listed the Spring Themed D/P Plushies and decided to get one, though they only had Turtwig left, but it's cute so I ordered him anyway. Now to see whether the send off/arrival goes smoothly, which is why I thought I'd test them on a cheaper item first rather than a £20-30 DS game 8D

If this goes well, I'll be using them to try and get Japanese Pokémon plushies off too, though it seems they sell superfast, the springtime plushies only went up on the 9th and by the 11th they only had Turtwig left O_O; Poor Turtwig needs love, if and when he gets here I'll give him lots of hugs~
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