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GX 131

Man I feel tired, I never sleep well if I know I have to be up early the next day ><; Just watched GX 131 though, an episode without an entire duel! Awesome! XD But what the hell was up with Chronos with the hen decoy on his head carrying eggs? Stealing eggs from the chicken coop? *sniggers* Good old Chronos.
Kaiser had some kind of chest pain and everyone is speculating he has heart problems or something XD Apparently he also said something about Yubel being perfect for his "Final duel" or whatever, I read all this from posters on Janime so don't quote me 8D

A load of the characters ended up getting pulled into the spirit world it seems, this is gonna be awesome, especially since FUBUKI also went <3 YAY! Fubuki~

And no one but Echo noticed Amon didn't come back either? Seemed that way to me Oo; Poor guy XD;

Chibi Juudai flashbacks make me happy~~ X3 He was so cute, and so SMALL!
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