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Small ranty thing....

Man I can't believe I'm ALREADY getting spam e-mails with viruses through my webmaster e-mail account on my site -_-;; Meh great...
Plus I just had to update my site and warn people not to direct link stuff from my site...why they can't just uplod the pictures and stuff to their own servers I don't know... through the jokes on the Neopet guild who direct linked to some of the Midi files, I was evil and changed the file names of the files so they wouldn't work XD
But if they want to steal mah bandwidth then they're playing with fire X3 Even though I have quite a bit of bandwidth I don't ever want to risk it going over so direct linking from my site is a biiiiig no no.
Now I can see why so many people got angry at others for direct linking to pictures from other sites.

Man I love the statistics part of my account which tells me where my hits are coming from *lol*
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