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GX episode 129 Ramblings

Y'know, I loved this episode, especially for the big giant monster smackdown they were having between the zombies and Juudai's friends so they could let Juudai get to Martin and Johan to go find his Rainbow Dragon.

But what interests me the most is the Juudai flashback appearing in the next episode, who in the hell is THIS GUY!? Oh GX, you really love re-using this similar design don't you? This guy looks like he could pass for Edo's older brother....if he had an older brother.
Anime version of Kouyou maybe? Or maybe a character that's loosely based on him? Well, he's not a relation to Juudai, looks way too different to be a relation I think, so looks like he's at least a card game buddy :D
Whoever he is, we can all agree that it's good we're finally getting some more Juudai backstory |D Yaaaaaay!!

Also, Huber/Yuber appears to be a mix of male and female and after neo_arkadia brought up the idea that has been bounced around a bit since the second season, that GX is following the line of alchemic process to make the Philosopher's Stone, that Huber could be what would be viewed as the perfect human, a Hermaphrodite, in Alchemy...or soemthing like that XD. But when Ark mentioned that it really seemed to make complete sense and well....this is what makes GX so awesome, in my eyes, GX has been much more awesome than DM and the storyline is finally falling into place, all those little things that were introduced in other seasons are coming together and I for one, am enjoying it loads and loads.
Though...the manga version of GX still wins over the anime for being more character-centric |D;


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