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Duel Box Possibilities

Today is wet and misrable :/

I should HOPEFULLY be going to collect GX Duel Box 8 later today...hopefully :/ I'm expecting the parcelforce letter to come telling me about the customs charge today. But don't get your hopes up for it just yet, my dad is being his usual ass self, yesterday when I asked him if he could come home as early as he could from work so we could go pick it up he gave me his usual "I'VE GOT TOO MUCH WORK TO DO" excuse which he uses for EVERYTHING!
I mean, I think there's a way to pay the charge online actually, but that means having to wait in for them delivering it, not something I can really do this week or most of next week :/ It's not like it takes that long to get out to Rotherham and it's just one freakin' day.

Blah |/
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