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Japanese Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Special


If you're interested here is the link to stream the Japanese version of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon special :D (*Just open up WMP and enter this URL in the "Play URL" option*)
According to Bulbapedia, Chikorita is voiced by Yukana (*Lalamon in Digimon Savers VA*) and Squirtle is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi (*Asuka from GX's VA*) unfortuntly though, big brother Pikachu isn't voiced by Pikachu's regular VA of Ikue Ohtani which is a shame, it would of been lovely to hear her say more than Pikachu's name.
Also, Pichu ends his sentences with "-chu", that is freakin' adorable X3

I finally finished capping the 9th Pokémon movie too! Expect the full release of that on Type Wild on April 1st :3

Okay...I should sleep or something |\
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