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Out of the house...

Meh I so needed to get out of the house today so I just randomly went for a walk, didn't know where I was gonna go but I felt I just needed to get out. Just ended up walking around in a rather big circle but that's okay, I took my digital camera too and took some pictures, they didn't come out as good as I hoped too.

I even saw this poor Pigeon sat in the grass on the path I was walking on, I kinda looked down at it and it didn't move, it just looked up at me blinking it's little eyes. It's head was a bit messed up so it was either attacked by a cat or soemthing or was hit by a car, I'm thinking more hit by a car since I was walking by a busy road, must of only clipped it's head though, I hope it ends up being okay but I felt it was personally best to leave it, trying to help it would of just caused more stress for the poor thing....plus the vet is like on the other side of Worksop O_o; Kinda wished I had some food on me to give it something to eat though. It seemed quite alert so maybe it will be okay.

Tis hot today too, at least when the sun is out O_o;

Hummm, I need a drink and I was supposed to do my ironing today... meh I'll do it tomorrow....
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