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Ash and Pikachu Screenshots~~

So today...I didn't do much. Well, I did some housework, changed my profile a bit here on LJ to try and make it neater and I've spent the last god knows how many hours uploading pictures into my photobucket account, I'm trying to make a large archive of character screenshots, handy if you need references for fanart and such, or if you just wanna make some graphicy stuff.

So today I have spent time uploading to the Pikachu gallery and the Ash and Pikachu gallery. Pikachu's gallery also has some sub folders for other Pikachu's in the show, but only the Misc. Pikachus gallery has anything in it right now and I doubt I'll get any pics of Pooka until "The Pi-Kahuna" episode comes out on DVD. And if you're wondering which Pikachu is "Sugar", it's apparently a Pikachu that'll be in the first of next week's D/P eps in Japan, Sugar might still end up in the Misc. folder yet, depends on how many shots I get of it.

I have no way finished either of these folders yet |o but I have a good amount up right now~ Feel free to use these for whatever you want ^^ They're all high quality shots too :3

Now off to bed for meeeeee |D
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